About KÄMMERER Paper GmbH

KÄMMERER is a renowned manufacturer of paper products for special purposes and an expert in the field of Abrasive Base Paper, along with Paper and Nonwoven substrates for a variety of wallpaper applications and Poster Paper. Our Osnabrück (Germany) -based company serves customers worldwide, on the basis of a tradition stretching back over more than 200 years. There are approximately 300 employees in the workforce at our Osnabrück site.

Our integrated system of management lets us ensure that all business processes and system procedures are regularly updated to the latest standards. This continuous optimization at all levels is one of our top priorities, as it guarantees our customers products and services of a consistently-high standard.

In the Graphic market, our Chantaffiche billboard, backlit and scroll papers have been 50 years leading the market of Poster Papers in sales, service and quality.

With Chantaffiche your message stays true

For 50 years, KÄMMERER's top-quality Chantaffiche poster papers have been maintaining the full impact of advertisers' messages, looking good for weeks in all weathers without curling, fading or distortion. Today,  Chantaffiche poster papers combine excellent printability and outstanding printing results with top performance throughout the whole life of the poster campaign. KÄMMERER offers paper grades specially developed for offset, screen and ink-jet printing.

Benefits for advertisers and the billboard industry
  • produced on the industry's most efficient poster paper machine
  • excellent billposting performance
  • outstanding printability: efficient, trouble free printing
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • high wet strength
  • no curling
  • blue back for perfect (wet) opacity
  • resists flaking and folding cracks
  • special reverse-side treatment for good adhesion
  • no color variation

New ExtraScroll

KÄMMERER has developed a new dimensionally stable scroller paper for using in large format scrolling units. Our new ExtraScroll paper reduces the time for campaign preparation and brings the flexibility that the media owners need to initiate new campaigns at short notice, while offering an excellent mechanical performance equivalent to laminated papers or other plastic substrates.

Benefits for media owners and the scrolling industry

  • campaign preparation time reduced from 10 to 2-3 days
  • optimum strength thus eliminating the lamination step
  • excellent scrolling performance in one single piece and ready to be printed both sides
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • suitable for all large format inkjet printers (UV, solvent and latex inks)
  • reduced environmental impact by using sustainable raw materials

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If you want to learn more about KÄMMERER poster papers you may visit the company website at www.kaemmerer-paper.com

Chantaffiche is a Trade Mark property of KÄMMERER Paper GmbH.